What are Tendons and What to Do If They Get Raptured?

Tendons are connective tissues in the body whose work is to connect muscles to bone and enable the bone to move. They are one of the strongest among all the soft tissues since they have a long of weight to hold and keep together when the muscles are contracting or tensed up. Tendons are fibrous tissues made of collagen which explains why they are so strong. However, sometimes the tendons become inflamed due to strains, which could cause a lot of problems to a person. Tendons control every bit of movement of the muscle hence if they are not functioning properly, you could have a lot of problems in your hands. This is usually in the form of the inability to move; in which case you will need some movement therapy.

Causes of Raptured Tendons

Tendons get raptured sometimes. The tendons could rapture due to over strenuous activities that are most common with athletes. There is a reason why doctors advise on the kind of exercise that your body can handle since once you overdo this, you could lose the very thing you are trying to salvage. Once you overstrain your muscles, the tendons could result in tendinitis, and you will feel in the form of a burning, throbbing pain that won’t go away unless you get treatment. This can be either surgical repair or movement therapy in the case of minor raptures.

Treatment for Raptured Tendons

Movement therapy plays a great part in ensuring that your muscles first do not get to the point of leading to tendon rapture and two in the recovery after tendons in a particular part have raptured. By going for orthopedic therapy once in a while, you will be able to get your muscles relieved through massage therapy or any other kind of option that the doctor will see fit. The therapy focuses on easing tension in the soft tissues of the body and muscles in general. It should be done by a professional otherwise the results will be almost negligible, or they may end up causing more harm than good.

Movement therapy for patients who have raptured tendons is advised not only for the minor injuries. The process starts with movement screening to determine the extent of the damage and how the treatment will be done. This will mostly be done in orthopedic massage therapy by slowly healing the soft tissues so that they heal fast and go back to normal. One may require a number of such sessions since this are the only way that the healing process can be promoted.

Movement therapy is important to the well-being on the body and particularly muscles and tendons. Making it a habit of going for sessions will help eliminate the threat of getting raptured tendons or any injury to your muscles that cause pain.