Orthopedic Conditions and How to Handle them Correctly

There are quite a few different orthopedic conditions which could somehow impair the proper functioning of your body. However, the sad fact is that the majority of people disregard common orthopedic issues until the issue becomes rather grave and serious. Regardless of whether you are a professional athlete who’s suffering from jumper’s knee or you are high up the corporate ladder, tied in an office for the entire day and experience severe back pain and stiffness, our movement therapy services are tailored to help you out.

Jumper’s Knee

This is one particularly common condition which is encountered in a lot of professional athletes and sports enthusiasts. Also known as “patellar tendinopathy”, this orthopedic condition is usually caused by placing repetitive stress on the quadriceps tendon. The most common movement that’s going to cause this is a jump, hence the name.

You shouldn’t get overly worried, though. There are plenty of corrective exercise strategies that we are capable of implementing in order to relieve you form the immense pressure that you might be feeling in your knees. These are specifically designated to further continue the care of our therapies. Every single strategy that we implement is tailored to your condition. Regardless of whether you need a hip flexor or the use of a foam roller for neck pain, we are going to figure out a plan that’s taking your specifics into thorough consideration. Our main intention is not only to relieve you form the pain but also to ensure that you remain pain-free and continue your regimen.

Orthopedic Massage Therapy

While there are quite a lot of different pain management coping mechanisms, comprehensive massage therapy remains one of the most powerful rehabilitation techniques. Our focused and purposeful therapies are going to help you with conditions such as frozen shoulder, sciatica, CTS (carpal tunnel syndrome) as well as other orthopedic conditions. Each one of our sessions is going, to begin with a screen of your movement capabilities, tailoring the most effective treatment plan and it’s going to end with a comprehensive corrective strategy. The intention is to achieve pain-free movement and to maintain the results in the long-run.

We care for our patients and we make sure that everything is holding up to the highest industry standards. With years of experience and prestigious certifications in the field, we have the knowledge and expertise to help you get rid and deal with all sorts of different orthopedic conditions.