Body and Movement – The Importance of Body Movement, Fitness and Exercise

Since the evolution of human beings, movement has always been a part of our lifestyle, to say the least. Take for example the Stone Age, you were either a prey or a predator, which means in order to survive, you had to hunt. There were no butcheries or retail stores - man had to go out and look for food. This involved lots of movement. Cases of obesity, which are rampant these days, were unheard of back then. This is because, with all this movement and exercise, man was able to maintain certain body fitness.

Our bodies are built on movement and exercise. Therefore, sitting all day and binge-watching your favorite Netflix shows is not helping you one bit and here’s why.

Studies into body and movement have shown that people, who spend most of the day seated, either at work or at home, face the risk of:

  1. Having a low metabolism.
  2. Increasing the chances of back pain.
  3. A drop in the levels of healthy cholesterol
  4. Cardiovascular diseases which are associated with obesity.
  5. Organ damage, brain damage.
  6. Developing posture problems.
  7. Muscle degeneration.
  8. Leg disorders such as viscous veins and weak bones.

Importance of Body Movement

  1. Increase Your Body Strength – Body strength is measured by the amount of load that can be held. The only way in which your body can develop strength is through movement of the muscles. What better way than through fitness and exercise. In order to build muscle strength, you have to engage your muscles through exercises such as running (jogging), lifting weights and yoga.
  2. Prevent Insomnia – It goes without saying that binge-watching or surfing the internet for long periods makes you inactive. Inactivity and sleep (ironically) do not go well together and you might have a hard time finding sleep at night. Workouts such as yoga have been seen to reduce levels of anxiety, which means you are able to find sleep faster and for longer periods.

  3. Mood Enhancement – When your body is moving, endorphins (the feel-good neurotransmitters) are released. This means that exercise and can go a long way in improving an individual’s mood.

Other benefits of body movement include;

  1. Healthy body weight.
  2. Improved metabolism (Digestion).
  3. Disease prevention.
  4. Strong body immunity.
  5. Increase in bone density.
  6. Cardiovascular health.
  7. Stress reduction.
  8. Pain management.
  9. Body rehabilitation.

Overall, the importance of exercise and fitness cannot be stressed enough. In order to alleviate back pain, cardiovascular diseases and other medical conditions associated with lack of movement, ensuring you dedicate some time off of watching Netflix and work is important if you are to remain healthy and strong.