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What we offer:

  • Clinical Sports Massage Therapy

  • Active Release Technique®

  • Personal Training

  • Cupping Therapy

  • Rock Tape® / Kinesiology Taping

  • Deep Tissue Massage Therapy

  • Swedish/Relaxation Massage

  • Corrective Exercise Strategies

  • Functional Movement Screens™


Muscle testing, movement screening and medical grade massage therapy allows Denver Movement Center to treat pain at it's source. We strive to help our clients meet their goals for optimal performance... in sport and in life.



"I highly recommend Levi!! He takes his time analyzing the root of your issue. For me it was a sports related injury and his therapy did wonders for my hips and knees! So grateful!" - Colleen B.

“Coach Levi utilizes a series of tests to determine a true baseline. His goal is not just to make you look better, but to improve strength, flexibility and overall health.”
- Dr. Dave Shapiro

"I am a 60 year old man with terrible scar tissue in my left leg. I am doing so well now that my knee feels so much better after golfing. He is absolutely amazing!"
- Dan K.

"I am a sports chiropractor and currently have been having some wrist pain from working with a number of athletes. I made an appointment with Levi at Denver Movement Center and had him work on my wrist and now I am pain free after just one treatment!!!! I cannot thank Levi enough for helping me take care of my wrist issue and get me back to work with just one treatment!!! I am a client for life” - Dr. Joe Vear

Our Most Popular Services

Focused treatment that aims at treating orthopedic conditions like sciatica, carpal tunnel syndrome, frozen shoulder, TMJ disorder and other soft-tissue and muscle pain. 

Think... medical-grade massage therapy.

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A full body treatment set to the music of your choice, designed to hit those tough-to-reach knots and trigger points. Ideal for athletes with very sore muscles. 

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Have you recently been injured in a car accident? Do you now struggle with low back or neck pain, like sciatica or whiplash?Your car insurance policy can pay for your medical massage treatments.

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