Levi S. Faustino

Owner | Movement Therapist | Life Enthusiast

Proud, insightful and charismatically welcoming, Levi strives to make Denver the #1 most active and healthy state in America. Recently transplanted from Boston, he enjoys all of the outdoor luxuries that Colorado has to offer: hiking, camping, running, biking, snowboarding and, of course, lounging in the sun.

When he's not out making friends with other small business owners or doing yoga at Washington Park, he's working to make Denver a happier and healthier place to live and move.

Levi's story:

"When I was at my peak physique - training 6 days a week in 3 different martial arts, plus some strength training - I hit a wall. There was this minor nagging pain in my foot (which turned out to be Morton's neuroma) that eventually kept me from putting any pressure on it whatsoever. What got me back into being active and... well, being without pain... was after I saw an acupressurist by the name of Leta Herman. We spent an hour working with It took me a minute to realize it but, by the time I had paid up and walked back to my car, I noticed I wasn't limping or compensating from the pain anymore. 

That moment stuck with me. I thought... "Maybe there's something to this..." So, naturally, I let it marinate until (years later) I stumbled upon a massage therapy school near my place in Boston, MA.

All throughout massage school, I dabbled here and there with different modalities - finding what works for different demographics - and getting certifications to better serve the public in need. Still today, I'm shoving my head into the books, signing up for courses that make my head spin, looking for ways to help people move better and live better lives. Once the seed had been planted, I've dedicated myself to letting that memory grow into something great - something that I can contribute better than anyone else.

Maybe there's something to this... something more."


Meet Our Partners

Heather Braaten

Holistic Health Coach | USANA Health Products Rep | Plant-Passionate Foodie

I'm on a Mission to Change the World, one Healthy Eater at a time. Let's start with you.

Heather's story: 

"Throughout my twenties I struggled with a variety of a illnesses that I now see as symptoms of weakened immune function and a digestive system destroyed by antibiotics and poor diet. I battled chronic bladder and yeast infections, and fought off endless colds and flu's. It seemed like par for the course, as everyone around me had similar problems. I began to seek natural solutions, but did so with the intent for an easy way out, a quick fix, with the desire to return to my sugary addictions and love of junk food. So, what changed?

I grew a garden. I began to cook meals at home with my partner. I started to eliminate refined foods, not because I had to, but because I wanted to. I fell in love with food. And, a whole world opened up to me that I hadn't seen before.

Food is a great connector. Connecting us to each other, to the earth, to our culture & allowing us a deeper understanding of our own bodies. The food we eat literally creates every cell in our bodies; it becomes our blood, our tissues, our nerves and our bones. WE ARE WHAT WE EAT - but, more importantly - we are HOW we eat. Falling in love with food is about being connected to something bigger than ourselves. It's about seeing the root systems and knowing that we are part of them. This is when real healing can occur, when stubborn weight can be released, and when joyfulness can be felt in every bite."

Tricia Olson

Founder of FitLo Denver | Fitness Instigator

Tricia is out to find the best gyms and yoga studios that Denver has to offer. Her unbiased reviews and interviews with Denver's leading coaches, instructors and healthcare providers are breaking ground for Colorado's #1 source to finding your favorite place to get fit.

Tricia's story:

"As a fitness enthusiast, I’m passionate about building strength, challenging my physical capabilities and maintaining a positive perspective on daily life.  As a certified personal trainer, group fitness instructor and registered yoga teacher, I strive to help create a mind-body connection that is just the right amount of physical challenge and inspiration, so that when you complete your workout, you feel amazing.

I believe the physical and emotional benefits of working out far exceed the effort it takes to get up and get to the gym or studio. For me, the emotional perks are what we refer to in yoga as a “moving meditation,” and I like to incorporate this practice in all of my teachings and workouts. After I workout I feel so refreshed, happier, excited and passionate about life. Any anger, frustration or stress just seems to vanish.

I grew up in Detroit, Michigan. I started ballet lessons at age five and never stopped moving. As a kid, I remember watching my mom’s Jane Fonda VHS tapes and daydreaming about one day becoming a fitness instructor. 80’s leg warmers, leotards and shiny, tan tights will always hold a special place in my heart.

Denver boasts hundreds of fitness options, and extremely talented teachers and trainers waiting to offer their expertise in all forms of fitness. I’ve had the honor of training with some of these brilliant teachers and getting certified in a variety of fitness formats. I’m excited to help you find the “best-fit” fitness studio, instructors and gyms based on your goals, preferences and intentions."


Jason Blevins

Host of the Explore Your Fitness Podcast

My goal with this podcast is to bring you inspiring stories and advice from Colorado’s top fitness experts so that you will be challenged and motivated to try something new and discover a better version of yourself.

Jason's story:

"Fitness drew me in at an early age. I began playing Football, lifting weights and running. I’ve tried my hand at Martial Arts and now Yoga and Crossfit. After moving to Colorado, I knew I wanted to get involved, experience Colorado fitness and contribute to the community.

I had been listening to people share their stories on different podcasts and thought I could do this for fitness, for Colorado. People love fitness coaches and teachers because they can motivate them to achieve things they might never do on their own. These coaches and teachers are amazing people who are busy helping their clients and students. They spend so much time helping others that they often don’t have time to reach out to the rest of the community.

My goal with this podcast is to bring you closer to the people who are changing lives here in Colorado, the gym owners, trainers, coaches, therapists and teachers who have a passion for fitness, a passion for helping you live life to the fullest. They’ve all been in your shoes. They’ve all had to dig deep to find the motivation to keep going and overcome their challenges. Let them inspire you to try something new.

Explore your fitness and discover a better you!"